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A Golf Tee That Will Speed Up Your Game!

I thought I’d seen every golf tee on the market, until now. A company called Upright Golf, has a few unique products that are sure to help your game.

At the top of Upright Golf’s product list is their magnetic golf tees. Yes, that’s right – magnetic golf tees! After you hit your tee shot, a magnet (included in the package) that you would have previously placed inside your grip, can easily pick up the magnetic golf tee so you no longer have to bend over after each tee shot to pick up your tee.

In addition, Upright Golf also has a giolf tee called the Birdbath, which come in 3 ½” and 2 ½ “ sizes and is virtually indistuctable. These tees have an over-sized birdbath-shaped head which allows for easy placement of your golf ball on the tee, and also adds loft to your tee shots as well.

Upright Golf’s Cocktail golf tees, offers an over-sized shaped head for easy placement and exceptional durability. Also up for consideration is Upright Golf’s CAP-Teeva Tee, which allows you to add a rubber cap (included) to the tee for super easy ball placement and added loft to your tee shots.

The company also offer teeing devices to make placing a tee in the ground easier for people who may have issues bending over often on the golf course. In addition, the company also offers some really nice and fun ball makers when you are on the putting green, including NCAA ball markers.

Another unique item they offer is a golf claw, to pick up your golf ball after hiting it in the hole. This product simply inserts into your putter grip, its easy and can be very helpful. Marker Mags are another product the company offers, which allows a golfer to place and pick up any magnetic-friendly ball marker without bending or stooping.

There are a few pictures below of several products I have, and I suggest visiting their website to see all the very unique and golfer friendly products they offer. The company website is

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