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Fun Ways To Practice Putting

I’m always trying to practice my putting as I feel putting is truly the great equalizer. I’ve bought numerous putters and training aids, constantly looking to get a bit better, as I know that becoming a better putter will definitely lower my scores.

I found Slam Dunk to be a really fun way to practice putting. Slam Dunk is more like a game than practice and it will definitely improve your putting skills. The product looks like a miniature basketball hoop that mounts on top of a small ramp. The goal is to putt the ball up the ramp and into the hoop. SWOOSH!

I decided to purchase one and put it to the test. I believe it’s made to be used indoors, and I set mine up in my basement. It’s very small and portable so taking it anywhere is very easy. At one point I saw it on the company website being used in an office setting, which I can see if you have a very golf-loving boss.

Also on the company website, they list a few games you can play such as, Hot Shots, Traditional “Horse” Game, Lightning and Long Shots. Each game’s info is listed on their corporate website and details how to play each game. . The company also offers custom orders where you can put your name or logo on the backboard. Each game includes 4 golf balls that look like basketballs.

It’s a pretty fun game to play and may help with your putting skills; either way it beats just the “same old” putting practice drill and can be used indoors when the temps get cold.

The company website is and the price is $19.99.

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