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Fun Ways To Practice Putting

I’m always trying to practice my putting as I feel putting is truly the great equalizer. I’ve bought numerous putters and training aids, constantly looking to get a bit better, as I know that becoming a better putter will…

Product Reviews

How to make golf practice drills fun.

Let’s be honest – constant repetitive practice of anything isn’t fun. Golf drills isn’t often talked about, so finding a practice drill routine for golfers that’s simple, convenient and fun is an exciting find. I think I may have…

Product Reviews

Where Can I Find Golf Novelty Playing Cards?

Sometimes we golfers get lucky and sometimes we get bad breaks – that’s how golf is. Laughing and enjoying times with friends is an important part of the game as well – today’s review is of novelty playing cards…

Product Reviews

How To Safely Carry a Golf GPS?

For the last 6 years I’ve owned a Golf Buddy World Platinum Handheld GPS unit. The inherent challenge of handheld GPS units is finding a place to stow the GPS while playing. There really is no ideal spot –…

Product Reviews

Are all golf belts the same?

I usually wear a basic black or brown belt when I golf, so you can say the belts I wear are usually pretty basic. I came across a really stylish belt company that has belts made from leather, nylon,…

Product Reviews

Do you need a first aid kit when golfing?

I’ve witnessed several injuries happen on the golf course. I’ve unfortunately never carried anything in my golf bag that could help any of those injured people. From simple bee stings, to cuts, as well as a flipped golf cart,…

Product Reviews

Where can you find unique head covers?

There are tons of golf club head covers out there, from basic, to bulletproof, to just plain dull and boring. Reinland Golf not only makes really attractive head covers for drivers, fairway woods and putters, but every head cover…