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Where To Find a Good Looking Golf Belt?

I’ve tried a few belts that are made for golfers, and have found most to be pretty good. However, I located a company that has a belt that I just fell in love with. NextBelt offers a one size fits all belt with a very unique buckle that makes all the difference in the world.

Admittedly, I’m not a style guru by any means, but because I love to golf, anything that has a golf angle to it always peeks my interest. The golf belts by Next Belt offer several lines of belts designed with the golfer in mind.

First the Nextbelt Go In! Colour Series offers golf belts that are available in many colors, ranging from your basic black, to red, yellow, blue, orange and many more. Also with this specific series of belts, the buckle flips down and has an X ball marker, making these both colorful, stylish and functional on the golf course. This line of belts also offers the added benefit of freeing your pocket of having another thing in them.

Their other line of belts I love are the ones inspired and worn by Jim Furyk! The first is a belt with a buckle that reads SUB60, referring to Jim Furyk’s sub 60 golf round of 58! It’s stylish and very bold. My favorite, and the one I personally wear is called “The Loop”, which happens to be the exact same golf belt design Jim Furyk wore when he shot 58. The belt buckle has the Loop logo embossed and if you love golf as much as I do, it will be your belt of choice on and off the golf course.

The company has numerous belts to choose from, so whether you’re a golf fanatic or just looking for a great belt for men or women, I suggest visiting their website to find a belt that fits your style. The website is and I highly recommend their belts.

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