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Whiskey, Scotch and Brandy Infused Gift Ideas.

While searching for a unique gift for my golf pal who is a fan of an occasional taste of whiskey, I came across a company called Licker Pickers, and they sell whiskey flavored sunflower seeds and toothpicks. After learning about their products on the company’s site, I thought that this was pretty interesting and was sure that my friend, as well as many others who like to drink, may find these items to be great gift ideas.

What’s the connection between seeds, tooth picks and golf? I’m a firm believer that anything that can help to relax your mind on the golf course will help to lower your scores, or at least allow you to enjoy this frustrating game a bit more. I’m not sure how just many golfers these liquor inspired products will relate to, but if you’re looking for a unique idea for a golfer, or someone who just loves the taste of liquor, these gift items should definitely be considered.

I decided on the Single Malt Scotch, Whiskey Vanilla & Tobacco and Fireball Whiskey toothpicks, along with the bag of Whiskey Sunflower seeds and gave them to my friend as a gift. He said that he’d never seen anything like these items before and eagerly opened the packages, tasted one of each flavor. Although the Fireball Whiskey was his favorite flavor, he insisted that he liked them all. He commented on how thoughtful the gift was and would surely buy more for himself when my gift supply ran out. I also tasted them all, and my favorite was the sunflower seeds, however the fireball whiskey toothpicks had a real nice cinnamon taste to them I really liked.

Here’s what the company says about their liquor flavored toothpicks….
What We Do:
Every single pick we make is:
• Hand-Crafted By Experienced Bartender
• We Only Use Premium Liquor From Local Vendors In Texas
• 100% White Birch With Zero Chemicals
• Made To Order To Guarantee Freshness ~ Small Batches
• Flavored With All Natural Ingredients
• Comes With 20 Pickers Inside 2oz Flask Toothpick Holder
• Awesome

Here’s what the company says about the sunflower seeds….
Sunflower Seeds have always been “what you see is what you get”, but not anymore with Licker Pickers brings thoughtful designs and foodie-approved ingredients to the table. Or better still, directly to your mouth!***WHISKEY INFUSED SUNFLOWER SEEDS AGED IN PREMIUM KENTUCKY WHISKEY***

Made in the great state of Texas. Our sunflower seeds are the finest quality from the USA. These sunflower seeds are artisan crafted from a bartender with over 10 years of experience. Born in Dallas Tx. Carefully marinated in genuine premium Kentucky Straight Bourbon and roasted to absolute mouth-watering perfection. Sunflower seeds in the shell. We only use premium deep barrel whiskey. You deserve better!

The company website is and the liquor Sunflower Seeds cost $7.99, and the liquor Toothpicks range from $14.99 – $16.99. If your looking for a unique and tasty gift idea, Licker Pickers should definitely be an option.

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